"size": 1892477,
    "width": 270,
    "height": 188,
    "extension": "gif",
    "share_key": "9047edd3-0fb1-4a79-aee5-82de33faae79",
    "url": "https://cdn01.tazeros.com/9047edd3-0fb1-4a79-aee5-82de33faae79",
    "name": "Barked Tony.gif",
    "type": "image/gif",
    "animoji": false,
    "preview": {
        "size": 12808,
        "height": 188,
        "width": 270,
        "share_key": "acd44133-2c4e-4085-a13e-cea4fafd2744",
        "type": "image/jpeg",
        "url": "https://cdn01.tazeros.com/acd44133-2c4e-4085-a13e-cea4fafd2744"
Name Description Type
size File size Integer
width Width for images Integer
height Height for images Integer
extension File extension String
share_key Unique CDN ID String
url Full url to attachment String
name File name String
type MIME type of file String
animoji Is attachment an animoji? True / False
preview File preview image String
preview.size Preview size Integer
preview.height Height Integer
preview.width Width Integer
preview.share_key Unique CDN ID String
preview.type MIME type of preview image String
preview.url Full url to preview String