"news": true,
    "restriction_1": true,
    "restriction_2": true,
    "restriction_3": true,
    "restriction_4": true,
    "restriction_5": false,
    "lang": "ru",
    "first_name": "Tony",
    "last_name": "Bark",
    "avatar": "https://cdn01.tazeros.com/404",
    "sex": 2,
    "2step": false,
    "birthday": -185627663,
    "dating": {
        "total_unseen_count": 0,
        "model": NULL,
        "models": [],
        "profile_id": NULL,
        "subscription_allow": true,
        "subscription_description": [
            "Feature one",
            "Festure two"
Name Description Type
first_name First name String
last_name Last name String
avatar Avatar CDN document ID
sex Sex [-1] => Not set [0] => Undefined [1] => Cisgender Woman [2] => Cisgender Man [3] => Transgender Woman [4] => Transgender Man [5] => Intersex [6] => Not binary [7] => Agender [8] => Androgin
news Permission to send news True / False
restriction_1 Permission to use data about: Socio - demographic and economic indicators, geography of requests and interactions with services True / False
restriction_2 Permission to use data about: Websites visits that have a user activity tracking system and a small pieces of data sented from a websites, for any *.tazeros.com domains True / False
restriction_3 Permission to use data about: Own profiles in social networks, messengers and mobile applications in which indexing of data is allowed True / False
restriction_4 Permission to use data about: Personality profiling, psycholinguistic analysis and interactions with other users True / False
restriction_5 Permission to use data about: Any biometric information that may be collected in the process of interacting with services, including, but not limited to, three-dimensional reconstruction of the face, voice samples, and keyboard underline patterns True / False
lang Language Dictionary: en, ar, be, bg, de, el, es, fr, hi, hy, it, iw, ja, ka, kk, ko, mn, pt, ru, tr, uk, vi, zh
2step Two step auth True / False
birthday Birthday date Timestamp
dating.total_unseen_count Total unseen count Integer
dating.model Current dating model String
dating.models Available dating models Dictionary: love, hookups, friends, business
dating.profile_id Dating profile ID String
dating.subscription_allow Can a user subscribe to a paid subscription? True / False
dating.subscription_description Subscription description Array